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@ Roberto, Sorin. “Used disposable drain batteries of various sizes.” 28 April, 2021. Unsplash.
@ Roberto, Sorin. “Used disposable drain batteries of various sizes.” 28 April, 2021. Unsplash.

Who we are

We are INNER, with a solution focused on optimizing the use of electric vehicle (EV) batteries, from the economic and circular perspectives.

We will ensure that this expensive, scarce material-based resource will be safely used long term.

From valuing a car for resell through to second life applications, our technology can assist in maximizing the economic value and continued safety.

This way, we would delay raw material recycling until the battery can no longer be re-used.


Let’s Put Things in Context 

With the growing number of EVs and as their batteries grow older, the risk of a thermal runaway (battery fire) grows rapidly. However, current Battery Management Systems (BMS) fall short in providing information for forecasting warnings before a thermal runaway occurs.

X-ray is known as the best method to see through the inside of batteries. Today, most existing commercial detectors only fit to the size of a battery cell or a small module. We are the pioneer company to introduce a commercial CT machine that is able to scan a battery pack containing thousands of cells that are often 1.5 meters long or larger.

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What Does the Future Hold?

We are developing the first commercial, high-performance, battery-pack-size CT machine to perform analysis of a stand-alone pack within minutes, based on our proprietary automated AI-based algorithms. This scan will allow an informed, precise, repair and accordingly re-use of the pack for second-life applications. 

Next, we will introduce the first drive-in, drive-out chamber to scan battery packs, in situ, enabling a both safe and higher-valued purchase of a used car, and periodic safety evaluations of EVs in large fleets.

Why Is Our Solution Unique?

Our unique modular, building block detector architecture allows for controlling the size and shape of the device to fit the application.

We are designing a large dynamic detector, utilizing curvature to save space and using lead to cover the components for a longer lifetime.

Our advanced AI image processing software generates high-quality digital images, enabling real-time detection of microscopic defects.

Section 2 - Why Is Our Solution Unique
Section 2 - We Are for Real

We Are for Real

 Our TRL4 technology is based on 6 granted patents, proprietary image processing and automated anomaly detection (AI) software.

Our first product is currently being designed in our own, in-house, CT lab.

A pilot version of the product was launched in a successful POC, in a commercial setting.

We recently joined the NL Battery Competence Cluster, and we are exploring different projects with its members.

Meet Our Team

We are passionate about creating impactful deep tech products.

We combine science – specifically pattern recognition, software and imaging, with experience in building teams and business development.

Each of us has been doing that for more than 30 years, and we have started building a team of talents around us to make our plans happen. 

*From the left to the right: Mark Crocker Co-founder & CIO/CBO, Efrat Avnet Steinberg Co-founder & CEO, Hans Buurman Co-founder & CTO

Section 2 - Meet Our Team